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DFW Airport's Economic Impact Reaches New Heights

Rendering of future Terminal F

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) stands as a powerhouse in fueling the region's economic growth, contributing significantly to the area's prosperity, according to a recently released economic impact study unveiled during the 2023 DFW State of the Airport event.

The study, conducted by the Perryman Group, reveals DFW Airport's substantial impact on the economy. The airport, often hailed as one of the finest international hubs in the United States, boasts a staggering estimated contribution of $38 billion in direct and indirect payroll support. In addition, it fuels the local economy with $24 billion in visitor spending annually and generates approximately $5 billion in state and local tax revenue.

DFW Airport serves as a major job creator, supporting over 634,000 direct and indirect jobs in the region. This economic lifeline has been crucial in transforming Dallas into the second-busiest airport globally, showcasing its vital role in the city's growth.

Dallas Mayor Eric L. Johnson praised the airport's impact, emphasizing its significance in the region's economic landscape. "DFW Airport is an incredible asset driving the economic activity for our entire metro area, which is the fourth largest and fastest growing in the country," Mayor Johnson stated. "I truly believe we have the finest international airport in the country, and I look forward to working with the other members of the Board of Directors and the Airport’s leadership to further position DFW for continued growth and success.”

Fort Worth Mayor Mattie Parker echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the airport's role in connecting the region with global opportunities. "DFW’s success as a job creator and economic engine is connecting our region to global audiences and enhancing economic opportunities for our businesses and residents alike," Mayor Parker remarked.

DFW Airport's Chief Executive Officer, Sean Donohue, affirmed the airport's commitment to growth and excellence. "DFW is committed to making the investments and developing the strategic relationships around the world that will lead to even more destinations, support new flights, create unforgettable travel experiences and attract the best talent in the industry," Donohue stated.

The updated economic impact study also revealed significant growth since the last study in 2015. Visitor spending has increased by 24.7 percent, soaring from $19.2 billion to $23.96 billion. Simultaneously, the number of jobs supported by the airport has experienced a 25 percent surge, climbing from 508,272 to an impressive 634,789. These developments have resulted in a substantial boost in annual tax receipts, contributing approximately $7.1 billion to the federal government, $3.1 billion to the state, and nearly $2 billion to local government entities across the North Central Texas Region.

During the State of the Airport event, DFW also unveiled exciting plans for its future. New video renderings and details about the reconstruction of Terminal C and the forthcoming Terminal F were showcased, promising enhanced customer experiences for travelers in the near future.

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