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Arlington's International Corridor Welcomes Diversity with New Banners in 10 Languages

Whether you say “wilkommen,” “bienvenue,” or “bem-vindos,” a series of new welcome banners installed along the International Corridor celebrates the diversity of cultures and languages within The American Dream City.

The City recently installed the brightly colored banners in the median along Pioneer Parkway between Center Street and the eastern city limits at State Highway 360 as part of the implementation of the International Corridor Vision. These banners feature the International Corridor logo along with the word “welcome” in 10 global languages spoken in Arlington: English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Arabic, Portuguese, French, Hausa (major Nigerian language), Hindi, and German.

With broad stakeholder input and the guidance of a 20-member advisory committee, the Arlington City Council adopted the International Corridor Vision in March 2023 to develop an action plan and guide improvements in this diverse commercial and cultural area of the city. The plan’s recommendations are built around three areas: Improving lighting and walkability, enhancing aesthetics and identity, and building community capacity.

Arlington’s vibrant International Corridor is home to more than 1,100 businesses, including Ben Thanh Plaza, the Halal Market, Fiesta Grocery, and numerous restaurants, retailers, and other types of small businesses.

Earlier this year, Arlington was ranked the 5th most diverse large city in the United States.

“The banners are a way to celebrate our huge diversity in Arlington and the International Corridor,” said Sue Phillips, President of East Arlington Renewal and a member of the Advisory Committee.

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