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Bright Haven Home in Irving Transforms into Christmas Show

The historic Bright Haven home in the Irving Heights area has become a radiant Christmas showcase, spreading holiday cheer to the community. Located across from John R. Good Elementary School on Union Bower Rd, the festive display is a must-see attraction for locals.

Homeowner Dr. B.D. Sanders invites everyone to experience the magic of Christmas at the Bright Haven home. The dazzling light show, synchronized to music, can be enjoyed by tuning in to 90.0FM on your radio. The spectacle begins nightly at 6:30 pm and continues until 10:30 pm.


The entire show lasts approximately 20 minutes and then repeats.

Dr. Sanders expressed his gratitude to the staff and students of John R. Good Elementary, dedicating the display to their hard work and excellent grades.

Fun fact: The Bright Haven home was the first built in 1958 after the Union Bower anex into the city of Irving.

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