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LEGO Education Delegation Visits Irving ISD, Applauds Innovative STEM Integration

Irving ISD and Johnston Elementary School recently welcomed visitors from LEGO Education, showcasing how LEGO is integrated into their curriculum. LEGO Education, impressed with the STEM Connections Program, chose Irving ISD for a customer success story. The President of LEGO Education International, Victor Saeijs, flew in from Denmark to witness the innovative teaching methods.

On November 16, LEGO Education representatives observed fourth graders exploring the pinball machine prohibition of the 1940s, connecting it to modern issues. Students designed, coded, and built their LEGO pinball machines. The STEM curriculum, spanning kindergarten to fifth grade, emphasizes hands-on learning and supports Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

In the library, kindergarten students engaged in STEM activities, using LEGO to learn vocabulary, assemble a train set, and recognize patterns with robots. James Tiggeman, Director of STEM and Innovation, expressed pride in providing STEM lessons to all students.

LEGO Education was inspired by Irving ISD's approach, emphasizing hands-on, relevant learning experiences. Todd Zorros, Regional Director of Sales for LEGO Education, praised the district's commitment to delivering valuable learning experiences.

Irving ISD's unique learning experience resulted from years of planning and collaboration across departments. Sylvia Huber, Digital Learning Coordinator, highlighted the collaborative effort involving Digital Learning, Curriculum and Instruction, STEM and Innovation, and Library Services.

The Digital Learning team expects significant shifts in students' growth mindset, problem-solving, and collaboration as they progress through the curriculum. Plans include designing new STEM schools at Barton and Farine, with lessons and ideas benefitting all elementary school students in Irving ISD.

LEGO Education is producing a video project featuring interviews with students, teachers, and district personnel. Irving ISD encourages the community to stay tuned to their social media channels for the release of this collaborative showcase.

Caitlin Boline, Solution Architect at LEGO Education, praised Irving ISD's exceptional team and expressed excitement about future collaborations. The district's commitment to innovative STEM education ensures a bright future for students, setting an inspiring example for educators worldwide.

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