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Plano, Texas News

Multi-Agency Operation Leads to Arrest of Armed Suspects in Plano

In the early hours of November 18, 2023, Plano police officers responded to a request for assistance from Dallas PD undercover officers who were tailing a suspect vehicle into Plano. The suspect vehicle, identified as a white Dodge Challenger, matched the description of a vehicle involved in deadly conduct offenses across various jurisdictions, including Plano. These incidents reportedly included the suspects shooting at other vehicles.

Plano officers, alerted to the potential danger, went to the 200 block of Coit Rd where they located the suspect vehicle in the drive-thru of a business. Officers Maxey and Odom initiated a high-risk traffic stop due to multiple traffic violations. As the three subjects exited the vehicle in response to officers' commands, two of them attempted to flee in opposite directions.

Officer Odom successfully detained the driver, who did not attempt to escape, while Officer Maxey and additional officers gave chase to the two fleeing suspects. With the collaboration of Dallas PD, both subjects were apprehended. During the pursuit, one of the suspects attempted to dispose of a pistol by throwing it down a sewer drain. The Plano Fire Department was summoned to the scene to safely retrieve the firearm.

Upon securing all the suspects, officers observed a black handgun with a drum magazine on the back seat of the suspect vehicle. A noticeable odor of marijuana prompted a search, revealing a small bag of marijuana, a silver pistol, a lever-action BB rifle, and a bottle of silver BBs.

The suspects were subsequently arrested on charges including Evading Detention and Unlawful Carrying of Weapons, as well as existing warrants. Authorities believe these individuals are connected to multiple vehicle burglaries in Plano, affecting at least six victims. Detectives anticipate pending charges related to Burglary of Motor Vehicles, Criminal Mischief, and Deadly Conduct.

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