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Plano, Texas News

Car Theft Ring Targeting GM Trucks Busted in North Texas

Endrys Gabriel Calderas-Vegas and Douglas Fernando Viana-Sanchez

A car theft ring specializing in GM model trucks has been apprehended after a joint effort by Plano Police Department (PD) Detectives, Grand Prairie PD, and Dallas PD. The thieves' modus operandi involved stealing vehicles, relocating them to apartment complexes in other cities, altering VIN numbers, and generating fraudulent titles for resale to unsuspecting buyers.

Plano PD Detectives identified the pattern and, collaborating with counterparts from Grand Prairie and Dallas, successfully located two stolen trucks. Surveillance operations led to the arrest of two ring members as they prepared the vehicles for resale and switched license plates. A subsequent search of the thieves' residence, facilitated by Dallas officers, unveiled a range of incriminating evidence.

The search on December 1st resulted in the following discoveries:

  • A reprogrammed key for one of the stolen trucks.
  • Counterfeit vehicle titles, registration stickers, license plates, and VIN plates.
  • Various forms of fraudulent personal identification, including counterfeit social security cards.

In a subsequent operation, Plano Detectives thwarted the sale of another stolen GMC truck in west Plano. Acting on surveillance, they intervened during a transaction between a member of the theft ring and an unsuspecting buyer. The suspect was arrested, the stolen truck recovered, and the potential buyer spared significant financial loss.

The two arrested were identified as 26-year-old Douglas Fernando Viana-Sanchez and .26-year-old Endrys Gabriel Calderas-Vegas.  Both are also on immigration detainer by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Plano PD issues a warning to potential vehicle buyers, advising caution when encountering vehicles advertised on social media platforms at unusually low prices. Prospective buyers are urged to be wary of sellers who do not match the online listing and to scrutinize license plates and vehicle titles for any signs of irregularities before finalizing a purchase.

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