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Fort Worth, Texas News

Fort Worth Police Department Reviews Take-Home Vehicle Policy

In an effort to ensure responsible use of city resources, Fort Worth Police Department (FWPD) Chief Noakes, alongside city leaders, presented the results of an audit of take-home vehicles to the City Council. The current policy, allowing officers to park their assigned vehicles outside city limits overnight, is under scrutiny as the department collaborates with the City Council to assess its fiscal responsibility.

Acknowledging the need for a thorough review, the FWPD is actively comparing its take-home vehicle policy with those of other large cities. The unique geography of Fort Worth is being considered in this evaluation, aiming to identify a reasonable basis for decisions on who qualifies for a take-home vehicle. This assessment will impact all FWPD personnel, including Command Staff.

The City Council, acting as oversight, is reasonably questioning the justification for allowing some officers to park their vehicles in locations significantly outside city limits. The collaborative effort between the FWPD and the City Council aims to strike a balance between providing necessary resources and ensuring fiscal responsibility.

As part of their commitment to transparency, the FWPD has shared a video explaining the current city vehicle take-home policy.

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