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Irving ISD Unveils Student Influencer Program for 2023-2024 School Year

Irving Independent School District (ISD) is excited to announce the introduction of Student Influencers for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year. This innovative initiative aims to provide students with hands-on experience in social media marketing, content creation, public speaking, and more.

As part of this program, selected high school students will collaborate with the Marketing and Communications department to represent both their individual campuses and the entire District. The Student Influencers will play a vital role in promoting Irving ISD through various activities.

Key responsibilities of the Irving ISD Student Influencers include:

  1. Developing engaging content for social media platforms, with a focus on creating "A Day in the Life" style reels at least once a month.
  2. Actively participating in District events throughout the academic year.
  3. Contributing to brand photoshoots to support District marketing efforts.

To ensure a comprehensive learning experience, the Student Influencers will work closely with Irving ISD's Digital Media and Marketing Coordinator. This collaboration will provide students with valuable insights into:

  1. Social media marketing strategies.
  2. Content creation techniques.
  3. Oral and written communication skills.
  4. Branding principles.

Irving ISD is confident that the Student Influencers will not only enhance their own skills but also contribute positively to the promotion and representation of the District. The initiative reflects the District's commitment to fostering ambition and creativity among its students.

The Student Influencers program is set to kick off in the 2023-2024 school year, offering participating students a unique opportunity to gain real-world experience in the dynamic field of digital media and marketing.

2023-2024 Student Influencers


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