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Irving City Council Addresses $200M City Hall Proposal: Potential Property Tax Increase Discussed

The Irving City Council is contemplating a $200 million City Hall Complex project, subject to voter approval. The proposed project aims to address the current facility's 50-year-old infrastructure challenges, lack of space, and accessibility issues.

If the City Council decides to proceed and voters give their approval, a property tax increase would be implemented to fund the project. The potential sites for the new complex include the current City Hall location and property owned by the city at 416 W. Irving Blvd., adjacent to Delaware Creek near downtown.

Irving City Hall Complex Project Q&A

1. Why is there a need for a new City Hall Complex?

The current City Hall Complex is 50 years old and faces challenges such as rising maintenance costs, insufficient space for departments, fragmented customer service areas, and noncompliant accessibility. The cost to renovate the existing building is over $100 million, making it more economical to build a new, modern complex.

Photos provided by Irving Officials to show current condition of City Hall

2. How much will the new City Hall Complex cost?

The proposed cost for the new City Hall Complex is $200 million.

3. What is the alternative to building a new complex?

Renovating the existing City Hall Complex would cost approximately $106 million, but due to various issues, including age and limited space, building a new complex is considered a more practical solution.

4. How will the project be funded, and what impact will it have on property taxes?

If approved by voters, the project will be funded through a property tax increase. Based on current projections, the estimated increase is about 1.9 cents, affecting the average single-family home (with a 20% Homestead Exemption) by approximately $42 per year. These numbers may change based on City Council decisions and interest rates during the debt sale in 2024 and 2025.

5. Where will the new City Hall Complex be located?

Two potential sites are under consideration: the current City Hall Complex location and property owned by the city at 416 W. Irving Blvd., next to Delaware Creek near downtown.  It's essential to note that this information contradicts posts on social media suggesting that the new City Hall would be built in Las Colinas or Far North Irving. The two proposed locations are still in the Downtown/South Irving area.

6. Who decides whether the new City Hall Complex will be built or not?

The voters will decide. A bond proposition for the new City Hall Complex may be included on the May 2024 election ballot, and City Council may call the bond election at the Feb. 8 Council meeting.

7. Will the new complex impact other capital improvement projects?

No, the project is not expected to affect other capital improvement plans or funding.

8. How many people currently work at the City Hall Complex?

The existing City Hall Complex employs 290 people.

9. How many employees would work at the new City Hall Complex?

Approximately 400 employees, with around 100 being relocated if the bond election passes.

10. What are the issues with the current parking garage?

Concerns about the 50-year-old parking garage's security and safety deficiencies, including poor lighting and excessive wear in stairwells, have prompted consideration for a new facility. The garage requires high-tension cable replacements and cosmetic improvements. Approximately 270 parking spaces are available within the garage, with an additional 115 spaces around the City Hall Complex.

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The City of Irving is actively seeking feedback from residents as part of the ongoing discussions surrounding the future of the Irving City Hall Complex.

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