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Building and Standards Commission Member Resigns Amid Allegations of Interference from Irving City Council

Tom Robles addresses the Irving City Council

During the Irving City Council meeting on January 25, 2024, Tom Robles, a member of the Building and Standards Commission, announced his resignation during the Citizens Forum.

Robles began by expressing gratitude to the City Council for appointing him to the Commission, where he had served for a year and a half. However, he revealed that he had resigned just days prior after a concerning encounter.

"The reason I resigned is a certain member of the City Council approached me and said that the Commission would like for me to refrain from voting in some of the issues.", said Robles, 

Robles did not specify which City Council member had made the request, nor did he elaborate on the nature of the issues involved in the incident.

He urged the City Council to investigate the matter, expressing dissatisfaction with the alleged interference and seeking clarification on the responsibilities of the City Council member in relation to the Building and Standards Commission. The specific details surrounding the incident remain undisclosed.

The City Council did not comment on the allegation.


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