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Dallas, Texas News

Dallas Police and ATF Address Alarming Rise in Vehicle Firearm Thefts

In response to a concerning surge in firearm thefts from vehicles, the Dallas Police Department and the ATF Dallas Field Division’s Crime Gun Intelligence Center have joined forces to address the issue. The collaborative effort aims to raise awareness, provide crucial data, and enhance public safety measures to curb this emerging trend.

According to gathered data, a staggering 2,394 firearms were reported stolen from vehicles within the Dallas Police Department’s jurisdiction in 2023, averaging seven firearms per day. Certain hotspots for these crimes were identified, including the Central Business District, the HWY 75 corridor between Forest Lane and Northwest Highway, and the I-35 intersection along 348, Highway 114, and Loop 12. Notably, these areas primarily comprise shopping centers, bars, and restaurants.

The stolen firearms pose a potential threat to both the city and its police officers, as revealed by ATF data indicating their involvement in aggravated assaults, robberies, and deadly conduct offenses during 2023.

While emphasizing that the responsibility lies with criminals, the Dallas Police Department seeks the public's assistance in combating this growing issue. Citizens are encouraged to secure their firearms responsibly by ensuring they are stored safely and locked away. Additionally, taking precautions such as locking vehicles and keeping valuables out of sight, or preferably not leaving them in vehicles, is advised to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of burglary.

Furthermore, individuals are urged to record and store their firearm serial numbers in a secure location. This information can greatly assist law enforcement in tracking and recovering stolen firearms. Any stolen firearm should be promptly reported to the authorities.

In a collective effort to maintain the safety of Dallas, the Dallas Police Department calls upon the public to cooperate by adopting responsible firearm storage practices. By doing so, the community and law enforcement can work together to ensure the security of the city.

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