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Dallas Man Sentenced to 60 Years for Assault on Disabled Elderly Man who Intervened in Assault on Pregnant Girlfriend

Courtney Berry

In a recent Dallas County court case, Courtney Berry, a known drug dealer, pimp, and gang member, was found guilty of inflicting serious bodily harm on an elderly individual and tampering with a witness during a first-degree proceeding.

The charges stem from an incident where Berry assaulted his pregnant girlfriend, prompting an elderly disabled man to intervene. Berry, in a fit of rage, punched the elderly man in the head, causing a severe brain injury.

Following his arrest, Berry resorted to desperate measures to evade justice. He coerced his mother and girlfriend to intimidate the victim into dropping charges. Shockingly, Berry directed his girlfriend to hit herself in the stomach and to make a false report to police that the elderly man had assaulted her.

Further damning evidence emerged when Berry, from jail, orchestrated a deceptive phone call to the victim, impersonating a detective and falsely informing him that the case had been dismissed, urging him not to testify.

After a trial fraught with disturbing revelations, Berry was found guilty on all counts. The court handed down a severe sentence of 60 years for the assault on the elderly individual and an additional 25 years for tampering with a witness.


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