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McKinney Police Foil Theft Attempt, Officers Recognized for Exemplary Service

Keith Butler and Matthew Loya

In a notable incident on February 11, 2024, at McKinney Freedom Powersports, the keen observation of an employee led to the foiling of a potential theft. Despite the business being closed, the employee's vigilance through surveillance from an off-site location identified a suspicious individual attempting to gain unauthorized access.

Officer Keith Butler was first on the scene, responding in under six minutes. Demonstrating remarkable bravery and quick action, he confronted and detained the suspect within the premises' secure area, preventing any further attempt at theft. When Officer Butler intervened, the suspect was found to possess two ATV keys and attempted to access the gate from inside.

Officer Matthew Loya's thorough investigation of the scene led to the discovery of the suspect's strategically hidden truck in a wooded area behind the business. The truck, prepared for the illegal transport of stolen ATVs, had its license plates removed and was covered with a large tarp. Further inspection revealed the suspect's wallet and identifying information, which was critical in cementing the case against the individual.

The combined efforts of Officers Butler and Loya not only prevented a significant theft but also underscored the effectiveness and dedication of McKinney's law enforcement in protecting the community.

In a ceremony before the city council, Chief Joe Ellenburg recognized Officers Butler and Loya's exemplary service and dedication by awarding them the Chief's Challenge Coin. 

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