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Head-On DUI Crash Claims 16-Year-Old, Drunk Driver Sentenced to 5 Years

Pedro Garciacleto

On January 30, 2024, 24-year-old Pedro Garciacleto was sentenced to 5 years in prison for Intoxication Manslaughter following a tragic incident. The collision occurred as the victim, a 16-year-old driving home from work around 11 pm, was struck in a head-on collision after Garciacleto crossed over the median divider.

The victim sustained severe injuries and was rushed to the hospital via ambulance, where they later succumbed to their injuries. Garciacleto himself suffered two broken legs in the crash. Investigation revealed that his blood alcohol concentration was .20 at the time of the accident.

During the trial, Garciacleto pleaded guilty and appealed for probation, citing his lack of prior criminal history. Emotional testimony was provided by the victim's mother, recounting the heart-wrenching experience of learning about the crash and bidding farewell to her son.

Thirteen members of Garciacleto's family also testified, portraying him as a responsible individual who had made a grave mistake. However, under cross-examination, they admitted they would have assisted him had he called for help instead of driving intoxicated.

Ultimately, the jury declined Garciacleto's plea for probation and instead handed down a 5-year prison sentence.

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