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Dallas Plans Major Expansion at Convention Center, Focuses on Connectivity and Community Integration

Dallas City Council was briefed on March 6, 2024, regarding the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas (KBHCCD) Master Plan expansion, unveiling crucial details highlighting the project's significance for the city's future.

The expansion initiative is poised to elevate Dallas's infrastructure, fortify its economic landscape, and foster stronger connections with The Cedars, South Dallas, and Southern Dallas through innovative urban development and community-focused initiatives.

Dallas City Manager T.C. Broadnax emphasized the broader goals of the project, stating, "Our strategic planning and community engagement efforts extend beyond expanding the KBHCCD; they are about weaving a richer tapestry for our city."

A central focus of the briefing was the project's transformative approach to integrating communities south of downtown. Collaborative discussions involving the City of Dallas, Inspire Dallas, Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR), and High-Speed Rail (HSR) have led to the evolution of the project from its original deck park concept to an expanded urban open space. This reimagined approach seeks to seamlessly connect Downtown Dallas with The Cedars and South Dallas.

Rosa Fleming, Director of Convention and Event Services, highlighted the importance of the introduced urban open spaces, stating, "The introduction of these urban open spaces is pivotal for providing accessible outdoor areas and pedestrian pathways, deepening the connection between the Convention Center and its neighboring communities."

The expansion prioritizes enhancing both physical and digital connectivity within the city, including the introduction of a new Rail District and trolley route parallel to existing DART light rail. Additionally, a Wi-Fi rollout across the Convention Center and its adjacent public spaces aims to bridge the digital divide and increase digital access for all visitors and residents.

"This expansion is a monumental step towards fostering a sustainable and inclusive future for Dallas,” said Craig Davis, CEO of Visit Dallas. “By focusing on connectivity, workforce development, and tourism, we are laying the groundwork for a flourishing, vibrant Dallas."

The expansion also concentrates on amplifying tourism in The Cedars, South Dallas, and Southern Dallas, integrating local landmarks into the Convention Center design RFQ, forming a South Dallas Task Force dedicated to increasing their visibility, and creating a dedicated section on the Convention Center master plan website for exploring nearby attractions. These efforts, coupled with the potential of the Rail District corridor to attract new businesses, underscore the commitment to revitalizing areas south of Downtown.

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