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Man Receives Life Sentence for Dallas Aggravated Robbery and Linked Murder in Irving

In a recent court case in Dallas County, 28-year-old Jorge Luis Guevara-Medrano was convicted of Aggravated Robbery after investigations by the Dallas and Irving Police Departments uncovered his involvement in two separate incidents.

The first incident occurred in Far North Dallas, where Guevara-Medrano and his brother robbed a victim at gunpoint, stealing a red 4 Runner. The victim, blocked in by the suspect vehicle in his assigned parking spot, managed to call 911, providing crucial details about the suspects' vehicle.  The victim described the two men who robbed him – one of the men held him at gunpoint and hit him in the chest with the gun while the other shouted “Just shoot him!”

The following day, Police located the suspect vehicle driven by Guevara-Medrano's brother, leading to the arrest of both suspects. The victim positively identified Guevara-Medrano as the one who held him at gunpoint and assaulted him. Fingerprints and DNA found inside the stolen vehicle linked Guevara-Medrano to the robbery, along with phone records placing him at the scene.

During the trial, it was revealed that Guevara-Medrano and his brother had attempted another carjacking in Irving immediately after the robbery. However, this time, the victim was fatally shot multiple times.  After the robbery in Dallas, Guevara-Medrano and his brother stopped near Royal Lane and got in the stolen red 4 Runner.  They drove to Irving and attampted the carjacking, but the victim refused to exit the car.  The victim was shot 12 times with .223 rifle rounds.

The Irving Police Department conducted a homicide investigation and retrieved surveillance footage.  In that footage, investigators could see the red 4 Runner blocking in the victim's black Dodge Ram.  Fired cartridge casings found at the scene matched other offenses linked to Guevara-Medrano's brother.

In light of the evidence presented during the trial, Guevara-Medrano was convicted and sentenced to LIFE in prison.

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