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Plano, Texas News

Plano Police Files Pre-Suit to Investigate Massage Parlors Involved in Sex Crimes

On April 9, 2024, the City of Plano, in partnership with the Plano Police Department, filed a petition in the 471st District Court of Collin County for pre-suit discovery to investigate potential civil claims against Red Rose Spa, located at 1301 Custer Road, Plano, Collin County, Texas. The parties also include Malyeob James and Ji Won Lee and are believed to be engaging in illicit activities, criminal conduct, and lewd behavior under the guise of a massage establishment, advertising the sale of young girls, attracting deviant clientele, and placing the community in danger. This action is the continuation of the City’s ongoing, comprehensive enforcement strategy to identify those who promote, profit from, and participate in sex crimes cloaked behind the purported operation of massage businesses.

Despite the Plano Police Department's previous investigations and arrests, Red Rose Spa has continued to operate, including under the names Red Rose Foot Spa, Enzyme Therapy Bath, Aurora Health Massage, and Beauty K Spa. As a result, the City of Plano, pursuant to Rule 202 of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, is now seeking court-authorized pre-suit discovery to obtain detailed information about those with ownership in or responsibility for the sex trade hiding behind the façade of a shopping center near a residential neighborhood. This action will allow the city to vigorously investigate and possibly sue owners, landlords, employees, and customers who engage in these types of illegal activities.

As the Court filing alleges, Red Rose Spa markets the bodies of vulnerable females, specifically targeting customers with images of scantily clad young girls. Evidence also suggests that employees may be living at the business, a possible indicator of human trafficking. Specific arrests at the location are detailed in the Court filing, which includes photos of online advertisements and customers’ lurid reviews of the female employees.

The Plano Police Department is dedicated to reducing prostitution offenses and related sex crimes and will use all available means – criminally as well as civilly - to protect the community and bring those who profit from these types of illegal activities to justice. A similar petition filed against Tennyson Wellness Center and Diana Zhang in 2023 resulted in a quick and permanent closure of that business.

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