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Colleyville, Texas News

Colleyville Police Successfully Recovers Bitcoin for Scam Victim

On October 6, 2023, a resident of Colleyville fell victim to a scam orchestrated by an individual posing as a Deputy from the Brown County Sheriff’s Office. The scammer frightened the victim into believing she owed outstanding citations, coercing her to send $5,800 to two separate accounts through a cryptocurrency ATM and to mail receipts of the transactions to eliminate evidence. Despite attempts by the scammer to extort more money, the victim’s son intervened, preventing further loss.

Prompt reporting to the Colleyville Police Department enabled the recovery of the transaction receipts, initiating an immediate investigation by Colleyville Investigators. Detective Prater collaborated with a Fraud Investigator linked to the crypto ATM utilized by the victim, resulting in the freezing of the scammer’s accounts to prevent access to the fraudulently obtained funds.

After a comprehensive investigation, Detective Prater secured a court order on March 6, 2024, to seize both cryptocurrency accounts and transfer the funds into police possession. On April 11, 2024, the funds were returned to the victim following a municipal property hearing.

Police Chief Michael C. Miller expressed his pride in the department's accomplishment, stating, “Rarely do we have the opportunity to get funds back to scam victims, and to do this with cryptocurrency was another hurdle our team overcame. I am really proud of everyone involved in this case, they are true leaders in our profession and I am proud to work alongside them.”

Acknowledging the importance of technology and collaborative efforts, Chief Miller emphasized the critical role played by the victim and her son-in-law in swiftly reporting the scam. The collective efforts of Patrol Officers and the Criminal Investigations Division ensured the successful recovery of the victim’s money, underscoring the effectiveness of partnerships and advancements in technology in combatting fraud.

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