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Fort Worth, Texas News

Fort Worth Bolsters Safety Measures in West 7th District Amid Crime Reduction Efforts

Fort Worth City Council received an update on Tuesday from Police Executive Assistant Chief Robert Alldredge regarding ongoing efforts to enhance public safety in the bustling West 7th district, among other entertainment hubs.

The West 7th district, encapsulated by Seventh Street, Lancaster Avenue, University Drive, and railroad tracks, has been a focal point for increased police presence. Interestingly, recent data reveals that despite its popularity, West 7th records fewer violent crimes compared to other entertainment areas.

Between March 1, 2023, and Feb. 29, 2024, West 7th documented 28 violent crimes, whereas the Stockyards reported 30, Downtown recorded 76, and the Near Southside noted 59 incidents. Citywide, a total of 5,006 reports were filed.

Analyzing the crime statistics of the West 7th bar district for 2023, a noticeable decline in crimes against persons by 15.3% from 2022 was observed, along with a decrease of 19.3% in crimes against property. However, crimes against society saw a substantial increase of 47.4%. This spike is attributed to proactive enforcement initiatives by FWPD targeting violations related to weapons and narcotics.

Contract with Safe Night LLC

Earlier this year, the City Council agreed to spend $148,200 on a 12-month contract with Safe Night LLC. The organization will assess the safety of the city’s four entertainment districts, offer recommendations and help law enforcement implement them. Activities will include:

  • Risk Terrain Modeling to identify environmental conditions that contribute to crime problems.
  • Protective Alliance Relationship-Based Policing, which encourages enforcement agencies to establish trust with business owners and the community in support of A Safe Night Out.
  • Develop a bar and restaurant voluntary accreditation model.
  • Implement training recommendations for bar employees.

Other Safety Initiatives

PID. City staff is working with business owners to form a West 7th Public Improvement District. A community meeting will be held at 6 p.m. Wednesday, April 17, to provide information about a petition in support of the proposed PID. The meeting will be at 5th & Carroll Events, 2713 W. Fifth St.

Ambassador program. Block by Block currently provides ambassador services for downtown Fort Worth. A one-year pilot program in the West 7th district has been funded by the City’s Crime Control & Prevention District for $315,000. This program would be transferred to the PID once it is established.

Street bollard project. Facilitating traffic flow out of the West 7th area at closing time, while preventing more vehicles from entering, is a problem every weekend night. Metal bollards installed at certain intersections would help police officers direct traffic and move vehicles out of the district more swiftly. The cost is about $150,000, funded by CCPD.

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