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Texas DPS Marks 15 Years of Child Protection Program

This month, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) commemorates the 15-year milestone of its Interdiction for the Protection of Children (IPC) program. Established in April 2009, the IPC initiative equips front-line officers with the skills to identify signs of child endangerment and apprehend individuals posing threats to children.

Governor Greg Abbott emphasized the program's significance, stating, "Nothing is more important than protecting the most vulnerable in our state: our children." He praised DPS for its role in rescuing numerous at-risk children and apprehending criminals across Texas.

The IPC program offers comprehensive training to various law enforcement agencies, both domestic and international. Since its inception, it has led to over 600 child rescues by Texas Highway Patrol and initiated over 300 investigations. Furthermore, more than 13,500 individuals have received training through the program.

DPS Director Steven McCraw highlighted the program's impact, noting that hundreds of children have been saved from perilous situations due to the specialized training troopers receive. He underscored DPS's commitment to safeguarding at-risk children and combating exploitation.

All DPS troopers undergo IPC training, with an option for an extended course. The program emphasizes a victim-centered approach and encourages troopers to intervene proactively when signs of child endangerment are observed.

Besides rescuing children from peril, IPC training aids DPS in various related investigations, including child abduction, human trafficking, and sexual assault cases.

Learn more about the IPC program here.

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