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Dallas Woman Sentenced to 10 Years for Fatal Ramp Crash on 635

Denise Alford

In a case brought forth by the State against Denise Alford of Dallas, a verdict has been reached on charges of Intoxication Manslaughter. The incident in question occurred on August 30, 2021, just before 9:45 pm, when tow truck driver Gary McGee was tragically killed on the left shoulder of the ramp from westbound 635 to southbound 75, commonly known as the "High 5". Alford, 38, was accused of drifting out of her lane and colliding with the towed vehicle.  Crashing against the vehicle caused it to strike the victim and sent him flying over the concrete barrier to his death on the 635 express lanes 60 feet below.    Drives on the lanes below that saw McGee fall called 911 while Alford walked away from the scene.  She walked for nearly 2 miles.  According to her, she went to get her cell phone charged and to call her ex-boyfriend.   

Alford admitted to consuming alcohol and marijuana earlier in the day and claimed involvement in a road rage incident, blaming a large pickup truck for the collision. However, her account was disputed by evidence presented by the Dallas Police Department, including her poor performance on sobriety tests and a blood test indicating alcohol and THC in her system.

In an effort to provide clarity to the events leading up to the crash, the DPD conducted a reenactment demonstration, showcasing the roadway's size and challenging the credibility of Alford's narrative. Despite objections from the defense, the jury found the evidence compelling, ultimately delivering a verdict of guilty.

Denise Alford has been sentenced to 10 years in prison, with a deadly weapon finding.

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