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Irving High School Senior's Journey: JROTC's Impact, Reflections, and Future Plan

Sara Almosawi (photo courtesy of Irving ISD)

Irving High School senior Sara Almosawi is gearing up for graduation, reminiscing about her journey through Irving ISD. From her early years at Pierce Early Childhood School to her current status as a senior at Irving High, Sara has seen tremendous growth, particularly during her high school years.

"Raised in Irving, I attended Pierce Early Childhood School, Good and Gilbert Elementary Schools and Austin Middle School before promoting to Irving High," she said.

Originally quiet and shy, Sara found her voice through extracurricular activities. She played the cello in middle school but truly came into her own when she joined the JROTC program at Irving High. Through JROTC, she challenged herself, learned new skills, and made lasting friendships that helped her overcome her shyness.

“I like challenging myself, learning new skills and traveling. And I’ve been able to do all of that through JROTC,” she said. “I’ve met a lot of interesting people that if it wasn’t for the program, I wouldn’t be friends with them. I am very shy – but one of the reasons I’ve gotten better at talking to people is because of JROTC. You do these presentations, you talk to people. Because of it, I was able to become more confident.”

Sara credits her JROTC instructors and her AVID teacher for providing guidance and support, helping her navigate her high school years. Reflecting on her favorite memories, Sara highlights her involvement in the drill team and the opportunities it provided, including competitions and camaraderie.

“They help point me in the right direction,” she said. “They give me their feedback, their opinions to make sure I do the right thing, and they support decisions I have made.”

As she looks to the future, Sara is considering various paths, including enlisting in the military, pursuing online classes, or obtaining a bachelor's degree, possibly in aviation. Her ultimate goal is to become an EMS pilot, driven by her desire to serve and help others.

“I want to maybe become an EMS pilot. I can always have other plans, but at the moment, that’s what I’m thinking,” she said.

Despite feeling nervous about what lies ahead, Sara offers advice to her younger self and incoming high school students: "Just do it. Focus on yourself and what makes you happy." With determination and a caring spirit, Sara is ready to embrace the next chapter of her life with optimism and enthusiasm.

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