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National Mental Health Month: Irving Police Department Challenges Misconceptions About Therapy

At the Irving Police Department, the mental health of both officers and the community is a top priority. As part of their commitment, they highlight the importance of mental well-being for residents and victims alike. The Irving Family Advocacy Center offers free mental health services for those in need of support.

In an effort to dispel common misconceptions about therapy, the Irving Police Department has shared the following seven myths and the truths behind them:

  1. Therapy is for crazy people: Therapy is often wrongly viewed as only for the deeply troubled. In reality, it's for anyone seeking to improve their mental well-being, manage stress, enhance relationships, or achieve personal goals.

  2. Therapy is a sign of weakness: Seeking therapy is sometimes seen as a failure to cope independently. In fact, it takes strength and courage to recognize when you need support and to seek help.

  3. Therapy is a long-term commitment: Many believe therapy requires years of weekly sessions. While some benefit from long-term therapy, others see progress in just a few sessions or through occasional check-ins.

  4. Talking to friends is enough: Social support is valuable, but therapists provide objective perspectives, specialized techniques, and confidentiality that friends or family cannot.

  5. Therapy is just talking: Therapy involves more than just talking; it uses evidence-based techniques, skill-building exercises, and actionable strategies tailored to individual needs for meaningful improvements.

  6. Therapy is all about the past: While therapy often explores past experiences, it also focuses on building coping skills, setting goals, and creating positive changes for the future.

  7. Therapy is expensive: While therapy can be costly, there are affordable options such as sliding scale fees, insurance coverage, or community mental health resources. The Irving Family Advocacy Center, for example, offers free counseling for those who live or work in Irving.

For anyone needing someone to talk to, the Irving Family Advocacy Center is ready to help with its free mental health services.

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