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Fort Worth Police Department Celebrates Miracle: Toddler Survives Near-Drowning

The Fort Worth Police Department’s West Division is celebrating a remarkable turn of events after a two-year-old boy, named Rowdy, made a full recovery following a near-tragic incident.

On May 1, 2024, officers responded to a distress call reporting a water emergency involving a young child who had drowned in a pool. Upon arrival, officers found the boy’s mother administering CPR. Officer Davachi took over chest compressions while Sergeant Brady assisted with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, exhibiting swift and coordinated efforts in the face of adversity.

The Fort Worth Fire Department and MedStar arrived promptly, providing essential medical care and swiftly transporting the child to a local hospital. Despite grim initial assessments from medical personnel, indicating a bleak prognosis with little hope of survival, Rowdy defied the odds.

A week later, on May 8, 2024, the Fort Worth Police Department received heartening news: Rowdy had not only survived but had made a complete recovery and was poised to be discharged from the hospital. The announcement brought immense relief and joy to the West Division team, who had been deeply invested in Rowdy’s well-being.

To commemorate Rowdy’s miraculous recovery and to foster a positive connection with the community, Officer Davachi and the entire second shift team who responded to the initial call paid a visit to Rowdy and his family. They brought along teddy bears for Rowdy and his siblings and offered the family an opportunity to explore police cars, creating cherished memories amidst a challenging ordeal.

The Fort Worth Police Department extends its gratitude to all involved in Rowdy’s rescue and recovery and reaffirms its commitment to serving and safeguarding the community.

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