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Addison, Texas News

Suspects Arrested in Addison for Mail Theft and Burglary

Items used to steal mail

On May 27, 2024, Addison Police successfully apprehended two suspects wanted for multiple crimes, including burglary, mail theft, and engaging in organized criminal activity. The operation began when Postal Inspector Carter informed Officer Polk about the suspects, who were being tracked in a gray Dodge Ram.

The suspects, who had active warrants, were detected by License Plate Readers (LPR) near Addison. Believing they were about to enter the town, Officer Polk relayed the information to his colleagues. At approximately 1:17 am, multiple LPR hits on Quorum signaled the suspects' location.

Officer Beasley spotted the vehicle exiting a parking garage on Quorum and initiated a traffic stop with assistance from Officer Goldstein. Both suspects were arrested without incident. A search of the vehicle revealed a trash bag full of stolen mail and tools used for mail theft. The evidence was handed over to Inspector Carter for the ongoing federal investigation.

The prompt action of the Addison Police Department, in collaboration with the Postal Inspector, led to the successful capture of the suspects and the prevention of further criminal activity.

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