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Fort Worth to Donate Surplus Furniture and Equipment Amid City Hall Relocation

As the City of Fort Worth transitions its departments to the New City Hall from the Old City Hall at 200 Texas St., surplus furniture and equipment are now available for donation.

Background: In December 2020, the City purchased the former Pier 1 building to serve as New City Hall. City departments started moving into the renovated space in late 2023, leaving behind furniture and equipment in Old City Hall and other city facilities. These surplus items need to be cleared from the old buildings for remodeling and reuse by other departments.

Disposal Options: The City often auctions non-repairable vehicles and equipment through Lone Star Auctioneers. Auctioning surplus furniture and equipment could help generate funds to offset the relocation costs. Donation of usable items, subject to mayor and council approval, is another option that reduces landfill waste.

Previous Donations: The City has a history of donating surplus resources, such as after the sale of the former Central Library and the deconstruction of City-owned properties. Excess personal protective equipment (PPE) from the pandemic was also donated.

Collaboration with NCTCOG: The North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) has partnered with Rheaply, a company that hosts a Public Reuse Market. This platform allows organizations to list surplus items for reuse. As a member of the Resource Conservation Council (RCC), hosted by NCTCOG, Fort Worth will list its surplus items on Rheaply’s Public Reuse Market, available to RCC members and regional governments by August 2024.

Benefits: The online platform will provide estimates of resources saved through the sale and reuse of items, promoting sustainability and resource conservation.

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