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Thieves posing as City of Irving Water Department employees


Irving, Texas. February 3, 2017

The Irving Police Department is investigating two theft complaints involving suspects who posed as City of Irving Water Department employees to gain access into the victim’s homes. Once inside, one suspect distracted the victim while the other stole property from inside the home. Furthermore, both the police department and the water department have learned of several unsuccessful attempts by suspects trying to gain access to homes under the pretext of being a water department employee. The descriptions of the suspects are varied and they appear to be targeting elderly residents. These suspects are not affiliated with the City of Irving in any capacity.

City of Irving Water Department employees or their contractors rarely need or request access inside a customer’s home. Employees will typically be dressed in clothing bearing the City of Irving logo, possess valid City of Irving credentials and drive a City of Irving marked vehicle.

Anyone with concerns as to the legitimacy of a City of Irving Water Department employee or a city contractor, please call Customer Service at (972) 721-2411.

The Irving Police Department urges residents to use good judgement when answering the door:

• Never allow someone into your home if you are unsure of their identity and purpose;

• Verify their story if you’re not expecting them or did not request service to your address;

• Consider telling them you’re busy and don’t have time to deal with them at that moment;

• Immediately report suspicious activity to the police department by calling 911.

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