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North Lake College Presents "Mezcla Caprichosa" Art Exhibit


Irving, Texas. March 5, 2019

The North Lake College (NLC) Art Gallery is currently presenting Mezcla Caprichosa, a collection of paintings and sculptures by Maria Ruenes and Olga Campero at the Central Campus through March 21. 

Ruenes and Campero are both Mexico City natives and former NLC students who have dedicated their lives to art. Ruenes studied graphic design before moving to the U.S. and has experience in screen printing, flower arrangements, painting, drawing and sculpture. 

“Making art is a great way to express feelings and ideas,” says artist Ruenes. “I like to play between realism and fantasy because it is as if I am creating magic.” 

Campero has organized art shows in Mexico City for 14 years, and is a former co-founder and general manager of an art studio established in Irving, TX. She received her masters degree in contemporary art and continues to experiment with various artistic techniques.  

“Painting for me is not only putting paint on a canvas, it is a challenge,” explains Campero. “It is trying to simplify my thoughts and express what I have in my mind when I manage to silence it.”

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