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Texas Restaurant Association Asking State Officials Not to Close Restaurants


Irving, Texas. March 16, 2020

The Texas Restaurant Association are attempting to make a point on why restaurants should stay open.

According to the TRA, "Many state governors are now considering closing all restaurants and bars for two weeks. This would drive panic and complete societal breakdown."

These are the points outlined by the TRA:

  • Restaurants will lead their communities through this crisis by continuing to provide drive-thru, take-out/pick-up, and delivery service.
  • This will drive “no contact” and ensure people have food to eat and in turn provide those employees income to support their own families.
  • More than 50% of food consumed by citizens of Texas come from restaurants. With grocery store shelves already bare, where would people go?
  • There are more than 50,000 units in Texas, excellent places to ensure people who are now practicing social distancing can get food to eat.
  • Restaurants are heavily regulated by their health departments and are voluntarily doing even more to keep people safe.
  • With students out of school for 2+ weeks, where will they get their food? Many of these families cannot afford to stock-pile groceries.
  • Restaurants are supportive of this measure and will work with the state to ensure people remain safe while continuing to have access to food.

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