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Irving Based 7-Eleven Sending Slurpee to Space

The 7-Eleven Slurpee®, the iconic beverage enjoyed by millions of Americans since 1966, is going galactic. The freezing-cold drink found exclusively at 7-Eleven® stores will rocket out of the earth's atmosphere this August on a private space flight commissioned by the retailer to celebrate its 94th birthday. Slurpee drink fans will choose their favorite far-out flavor to make the trip — and super fans have the chance to win a commemorative cup that has traveled to space and back.

"We're celebrating all things summer, Slurpee drinks and skateboarding during Brainfreeze SZN at 7-Eleven… Some would say we're reaching for the stars," said Marissa Jarratt, 7-Eleven Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. "In the spirit of Taking it to Eleven for our birthday month, we're delivering our beloved Slurpee to space and bringing our customers along for the journey – after all, what is more far out than outer space?"

Here's the down-low on this sky-high Slurpee promotion:

Take Me to Your Flavor
So, what Slurpee flavor will best represent 7-Eleven and earthlings on this one-of-a-kind space mission? Well, the answer doesn't take rocket science. 7-Eleven will add up the totals of all the Slurpee flavors ordered by customers through the end of July via 7-Eleven Delivery in the 7-Eleven app, and the most popular choice will fill the cups that go up, up and away.

Will it be Cosmic Coca-Cola or Cherry, Big Bang Blue Raspberry, Planetary Peach Perfect, or Galactic vitaminwater Zero Sugar Gutsy? Slurpee drink fans are encouraged to order their "flavorite" for delivery as often as possible to secure its place in space.

Win a Cosmic Cup!
Only a very few exclusive commemorative Slurpee cups depicting the galaxy will make the stratospheric trip. With each 7-Eleven Delivery order through the month of July, super Slurpee fans enter themselves a chance to win one of the exclusive cups as a "Slurpee in Space" memento after they land back on earth.* The more orders, the more entries!

Blast-off from the Slurpee Command Center
Slurpee drinks will depart Earth from a 7-Eleven store in Michigan, the Slurpee capital of the U.S., (aka the state that consumes the most Slurpee drinks) in August for the journey high above Earth's atmosphere. The fan-favorite Slurpee flavor will be blasting off in an exclusive, commemorative cup created for the occasion and a commemorative mural will be commissioned at the launch location.

Other Out of this World Delivery Deals
Because this once-in-a-lifetime Slurpee launch into space is a continuation of 7-Eleven's 94th birthday celebration, it's only fitting to share a reminder of the amazing delivery deals the convenience store retailer is offering in July. With delivery through the 7-Eleven app, customers can snag a large pizza and 16 boneless wings for just $10, or any grill item for $1. Want a Slurpee drink as a post-pizza treat? Don't fret – small Slurpee drinks are available in a stay cold cup for just $1.

Favorite 7–Eleven beverages, snacks, and more can be ordered online and delivered at home or even at a local meet-up, park or beach via 7-Eleven Delivery on the 7-Eleven app. Alcohol delivery, including beer, wine and liquor, is available in select markets to customers age 21 and older. Offered in over 1,300 U.S. cities, 7-Eleven Delivery offers real-time tracking that lets customers know when to expect their orders, typically in 30 minutes or less.  The 7–Eleven app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play, or by visiting

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