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Resume Expert's Tip: Highlighting Your Unique Skills in a Resume

The skills section of any professional resume is one of the vital elements for an efficient job search. Employers search for candidates with transferable and relevant skills. You may browse numerous job resume examples and find different variants of the skill section implementation.

It is essential to know your top skills to add them to your resume to be a desired job seeker in a competitive job market. These skills divide into soft and hard groups.

Toni Frana, a career advice expert, shares her insight regarding soft skills: "Many employers would like to see an applicant with a list of strong soft negotiation skills as well as proficiency with remote communication tools such as Zoom or Skype."

This article explores common professional skills and the best ways of their highlighting.

Different Types of Skills for a Professional Resume

While some skills apply to all jobs, others can be used for specific positions as they are technical. There are two groups of skills: hard and soft.

What are the hard skills?

These skills are specific to a job or industry. These are the hard skills that can be learned from a training program or working in a job. These skills could include:

  • Computer engineering;
  • Music;
  • HVAC.

What are soft skills?

Soft Skills are skills related to interpersonal communication in the professional field. These skills are not required to obtain a high school diploma. Job seekers can enhance these skills through workshops and special training. Soft skills are:

  • Conflict resolution;
  • Leadership;
  • Communication.

You can learn hard skills in classes, which makes them easier to acquire. Soft skills are part and parcel of who you are, so people learn these skills independently. Yet, there are many specialized classes to enhance soft skills too.

Employers seek After resumes with Top Skills

Employers look for competent hard skills sections and precise, relevant soft skills in resumes. The applicant tracking process has reached new levels of automation due to ATS bots, and it is vital to remember this technology when writing a resume. Employers highly desire the following skills:

Computer skills

Nearly everyone should have some knowledge of computers. There is a high demand for experts specialized in software development in the job market, which creates many job opportunities. Even if an IT specialization is not your dream job, it is still helpful to have computer skills, at least to some degree. Even basic skills are better than none, and you should mention any computer-related proficiency in the hard skills section.

Teamwork skills

Although everyone may believe they can work in a team environment, it is not always true. Sometimes people can be rigid about their ideas and unwilling to compromise. Such unprofessional behavior creates an uncomfortable work environment and team members not reaching their goals. You will be a great employee if you work well with your coworkers.

Communication skills

Effective communication requires both written and verbal skills. You need to communicate clearly without offending others if you're in a managerial position.


Written communication skills also are essential since most communications are in writing format. Excellent communication skills are a valuable reason for recruiters to hire prospective employees who can work with a team efficiently.

Leadership skills

Leaders possess a unique combination of skills. Leaders are not only able to make decisions when necessary but are also open to advice from others. Leaders can motivate their employees and help them disclose their full potential.

Time Management Skills

Workers often have to manage multiple tasks simultaneously. While some people do it well, others struggle to keep everything in order. Employees who can manage their time and effectively implement it will be more successful in achieving their goals.

Ways How to Highlight Your Unique Skills in a Resume

1. Use Concrete Examples

The more detailed you can be, the better. Employers want to see how you have used your skills and the result. You can't simply say that you are adaptable. You can tell your clients about the times you had to change a long-running project at a moment's notice or how you presented a compelling presentation.

Remember that many people who apply for the job will list the same skills on their applications. Show the hiring manager these skills to stand out. You'll be able to tell the hiring manager how these skills would work in your new job when you reach the interview stage.

2. Data is an excellent way to Back Up Your Skills

Hard data is a great way to improve your professional prospects. Your resume will look better if you include complex numbers. You can show potential employers what you accomplished performing duties in your previous roles, including sales accomplishments and awards. Whatever your industry, experience, or position, numbers determine success.

Are you able to exceed your quarterly sales goals by 30%? Are you proud of your client satisfaction rating of 100%? Perhaps you wrote stories that brought 25,000 views to your company page. Numbers can influence your acceptance long before employers call you for references.

3. Exhibit Specific Value

Selling your skills to your future employer is the most crucial part of your qualification demonstration. Tell your potential employer how your skills will be beneficial to the company. Be clear about why you are the best candidate and how you can contribute to reaching the company's aims. A cover letter and an interview are the best ways of such a demonstration. A resume is a document that makes the first impression on a recruiter. So, it must show your value. Targeting your resume to the company and role you are applying for is crucial.

Bottom Line

Skills demonstration works best in targeted resumes. It would be wise to create several copies of your resume and change them according to the prospective positions on the job market.

The process of resume optimization can be long and tedious. You may want professional help from expert resume writers, and resume writing services will make resume optimization effortless and efficient.


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