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Irving Police & School District Urge Parents to Speak to Children About Threats in School

The Irving ISD sent a lettter and email to parents encouraging them to have conversations with their children about threats and the serious consequences.

Irving Police also posted a community awareness release entitled "parents: please speak with your children".

The issue is that students have been posting weapons with captions suggesting violence against certain campuses throughout Irving.

These social media postings were eventually determined to be a hoax and non-credible.  However, the Irving Police Deparment (IPD) takes all threats seriously, even if the poster considers it a "joke".

"The consequences of making a threat, even if a student does not mean it, are very serious.  We will always prosecute offenders to the fullest extent possible.", said IPD's statement.

Parents and guardians are urged to speak with their students about the importance of appropriate social media use.   Children must be fully aware that inappropriate use of their online accounts can result in consequences up to and including serious felony charges.

With mass shootings on the rise, police and school officials cannot ignore any threats.  Several school districts in the DFW area have been dealing with an increased number of threats against schools.

IPD provided the following stats for school threat offenses in Irving from April 1, 2023, to May 10, 2023.

Education Code 37.125: Threaten exhibit/use firearm school
Class A Misdemeanor (no firearm displayed)

  • 9 Offenses
  • 7 arrests

Penal Code 22.07: Terroristic threat
3rd Degree felony (firearm displayed)

  • 1 Offense
  • 1 Arrest

Penal Code 46.03: Places weapons prohibited
2nd Degree felony (possession of firearm)

  • 2 Arrests

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