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Top Tips to Raise the Profile of Your Non-Profit Organization

In many non-profit organizations it can be extremely challenging to promote the work that is undertaken to a wider public audience, or even gain a level of basis awareness of what your organization stands for and its ultimate goals. This is because many non-profit organizations have extremely limited marketing and public relations budgets. In addition, unlike many for-profit companies, they may not benefit from the expertise and knowledge that comes from having a dedicated sales and marketing team.

If you are working for a non-profit firm, you may struggle to produce suitable strategies that can boost the exposure of your organization and allow its mission to be understood by a larger outside audience. However, this guide seeks to redress this by providing three unique top tips that will help to inform the public of the important work that is undertaken in your organization and boost its overall public profile.

Hold community fundraising events

As a first key top tip, it can be extremely beneficial to hold a community fundraising event to raise the profile of your organization. This can be either to raise funds for another worthy cause or charity, or to provide an additional source of revenue to support the work that you do.

Planning a fundraising event can be a perfect way to involve the wider community and can also be the ideal opportunity to educate them in the work that your organization undertakes. There are a wide range of specific events to consider, from charitable auctions to crowd-funding campaigns. For more inspiration on such events click here.

Ideally, you will also ensure that local newspaper reporters attend the event so that the day can be captured in the local media. This will help to further boost the exposure of the campaign and raise the profile of your organization.

Seek local radio exposure

Many local radio stations have a clear focus on community life and like to publicize the good work that is been undertaken in the region by both businesses and individuals. Non-profit organizations should seek to secure radio interviews on such stations. This can be the ideal environment to speak about the mission of your organization, what it has achieved so far, and what its longer-term goals are. This type of interview will probably be structured in terms of the questions that are asked and you may even have time to prepare suitable responses and support these with statistics before the interview takes place. Click here for tips and advice to prepare for a radio interview so that your company’s story truly connects with the listening audience.

Promote the organization on social media

Finally, many non-profit organizations will not have any budget for paid promotional activities to raise their profile, but the platform of social media can be effectively used to raise awareness without costing a penny!

Start by creating a site for your organization on a platform such as Instagram. Post regular updates and information (ideally on a daily basis) about the work you are doing and the impact your organization is having on the wider community; and get staff members to offer their own unique perspective on their roles to further extend the reach of these promotional activities.

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