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Irving ISD Student Artists Recognized for Promoting Disability Awareness in City Poster Contest

At the October 12 city council meeting, Mayor Rick Stopfer recognized Irving ISD student artists for their outstanding participation in the annual City of Irving Disability Awareness poster contest. The contest, designed to inspire creativity and awareness, invites fourth graders in Irving ISD to express artistically how individuals with disabilities can utilize their unique strengths and abilities to become integral members of the community.

The winning posters from this inspiring competition will soon be proudly displayed at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center, where they will play a significant role in celebrating Disability Awareness Month.

The talented students who earned the top honors in the contest are:

First Place Winners:

  1. Athziri Ruvalcaba – Farine Elementary School
  2. Anaya Govan – Townley Elementary School

These students demonstrated remarkable artistic talent and conveyed a powerful message about the inclusion and abilities of individuals with disabilities.

Additionally, the following students received Honorable Mention for their excellent contributions to the contest:

  1. Alejandro Tomas Ortiz – John Haley Elementary School
  2. Genesis Baires Cedillos – Barton Elementary School
  3. Nicole Lomeli – Farine Elementary School
  4. Kaylee Vilanova – Gilbert Elementary School
  5. Jason Erumevwa – Thomas Haley Elementary School

Their efforts are also deserving of praise and recognition, as they contributed to the overall success of the competition by showcasing their creative abilities and commitment to promoting disability awareness in the Irving community.

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