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Irving's Cottonwood and Hackberry Microtunneling Project Progress Report

The Cottonwood and Hackberry Interceptor Microtunneling Project, which commenced in January with a budget of $26.7 million, is now well on its way to completion, having reached 42% progress. Despite potential obstacles such as adverse weather conditions, underground utilities, and hot summer weather, the project has maintained its rapid pace.

The City of Irving's Capital Improvement Program (CIP) has opted for a trenchless technology approach known as "microtunneling" to replace wastewater mains, avoiding potential noise and mess. Microtunneling offers a more unobtrusive method for tunneling beneath the surface, reducing disruption to homes, businesses, and traffic.

The process employs a circular tunneling machine that sprays water as it advances, creating slurry which is then transported out of the construction area and onto the street. From there, it is converted into dirt and loaded into dump trucks for removal.

The Cottonwood and Hackberry Creek Interceptor Project involves replacing two outdated 36-inch wastewater mains with a more substantial 60-inch main to accommodate the growing residential and commercial demands. The majority of construction takes place beneath the existing median of Riverside Drive.

By the summer of 2023, over 1,000 linear feet of the projected 4,900-foot wastewater main pipeline have already been installed. Upon completion, the project will enhance wastewater services for all residential and commercial properties north of State Highway 114.

The Cottonwood and Hackberry Project remains on track, with an anticipated finish date in July 2024, weather permitting.

Motorists in the vicinity are advised that Riverside Drive is reduced to a single lane in each direction due to construction. Alternate routes are recommended whenever possible, and drivers are urged to exercise caution when passing through construction zones.

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