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Irving City Council to Consider Grants for Downtown and Corridor Building Improvements

202 E. Irving Boulevard

The Irving City Council has a downtown revitalization grant on the agenda for its October 26 meeting. The council will consider approving up to $25,000 in matching funds to improve the facade of a building located at 202 E. Irving Boulevard.

The owner of the property, GoodRE Irving Investments LLC, plans to refresh the exterior of the building in order to attract new retail or commercial tenants. Proposed improvements include removing the existing awning, painting the brick, upgrading the storefront, adding architectural details, and installing new decorative lighting. The total estimated cost is around $22,500.

The city's Downtown Façade Enhancement Program provides reimbursement grants to owners who invest in rehabilitating and enhancing the appearance of existing structures in Irving's downtown district. The goal is to improve the visual appeal, bring buildings up to code, and promote business activity and tourism.

If approved, the owner will have 180 days to complete the facade improvements and will receive the $25,000 reimbursement within 45 days of finishing the project. The owner must also maintain the improvements for at least five years.

The grant money will come from Irving's Economic Development Fund, which has allocated resources specifically for the Downtown Façade Enhancement Program in support of the city's strategic revitalization efforts.


The Irving City Council will also consider approving a $150,000 grant for exterior renovations to Roy's Pawn Shop located at 635 E. Irving Boulevard.

The Corridor Enhancement Incentive Program provides matching grants up to 50% of the cost of eligible exterior improvements along targeted commercial corridors in Irving. Roy's Pawn Shop plans approximately $290,000 worth of upgrades including new storefront, lighting, metal canopies, and parking lot repairs to its 7,000 square foot retail building.

The goal of the program is to incentivize private investment in upgrading aging structures along busy streets in order to modernize appearances, attract new businesses, and promote employment opportunities.

If approved, Roy's Pawn Shop will have 1 year to complete the renovations and will receive reimbursement from the city within 45 days of finishing the project. The pawn shop must commit to maintaining the improvements for at least 5 years.

The $150,000 grant will be funded through the city's Economic Development Fund, which has allocated money specifically for the Corridor Enhancement Incentive Program as part of Irving's strategic revitalization plan.

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