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Irving Prioritizes Drainage Channel Maintenance and Litter Abatement for Improved Quality of Life

The City of Irving continues to prioritize the enhancement of its infrastructure, investing millions of dollars in projects aimed at maintaining an exceptional quality of life for its residents. From roads to water towers and drainage channels, the city employs strategic methods to ensure the longevity of its capital improvement investments.

One of the key strategies employed by the city is the use of drainage channel maintenance and litter abatement, a crucial part of the Municipal Drainage Utility (MDU) division within the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Department. As the city completes significant drainage channel and community projects like Upper and Lower Delaware Creek and Jaycee Park, it's imperative that crews are actively engaged in maintaining the infrastructure to guarantee proper flow of stormwater and runoff.

By the Numbers

The City of Irving manages more than 90 miles of drainage channels. The CIP Department oversees and maintains the following infrastructure: 

  • More than 27 miles of concrete-lined channels
  • 51 miles of drainage maintained directly by the city
  • 39 miles of drainage maintained by flood control districts
  • 38 concrete channels totaling 27.3 miles
  • More than 355 miles of storm pipes
  • 34 siltation ponds

Proactive Approach

The MDU division takes a proactive approach, responsible for maintaining and repairing concrete-lined channels and storm inlets. Their responsibilities include de-silting ponds and drainage channels, storm pipe inspections, replacement, and repairs.

To ensure the proper functioning of channels and retention ponds, the MDU team routinely removes sand, dirt, and debris that accumulates due to heavy rainfall and water runoff from highways and thoroughfares. Keeping these waterways clear of litter, such as shopping carts and trash, preserves the integrity of drainage channels and prevents flooding or ponding.

The MDU division also takes care of repairing broken or separated pipes under Irving's streets and storm inlets. Prioritizing projects based on repair needs, they address issues from the least to the most immediate.

Preserving Community Investments

Currently, the MDU division is working on Fritz Park, where they are in the midst of removing concrete debris and replacing it with a stabilizing embankment during phases 2 and 3.

In addition to traditional methods of debris removal and channel repair, the MDU division incorporates sustainable ideas and methods into their drainage efforts. They have established grow zones, such as the one in Running Bear Park, using native plants and flowers with long root systems that naturally assist with erosion and drainage control. These grow zones collect debris and filter pollution and contaminants as rainwater flows through, preventing them from seeping into the groundwater.

Irving's grow zones can also be found at Cottonwood Creek Park and Veterans Memorial Park, playing a crucial role in revitalizing parks and contributing to the city's beautification efforts.

All of these MDU projects are part of the Drainage Solutions for a Better Tomorrow campaign, which underscores the city's ongoing investment and improvement of drainage channels throughout Irving.

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