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City of Irving Encourages Residents to Defend Local Governance Against State Legislation Interference

In recent years, the Texas Legislature has taken steps to limit the autonomy of cities, diminishing their ability to make decisions that best serve their communities. The city-state relationship has transformed as state-level legislation increasingly encroaches on municipalities' decision-making processes, adversely affecting Irving's ability to govern and provide essential municipal and community services.

Since 2015, approximately 25 percent of all bills filed have directly impacted cities. During the most recent 88th Legislative Session, this number soared to over 2,000 bills.

Hostility toward local governments became apparent in 2019 when legislators attempted to pass a bill that would prevent cities and counties from advocating for themselves in the Legislature. In a recorded meeting, Speaker of the House Dennis Bonnen and State Representative Dustin Burrows expressed strong negative sentiments towards cities and counties, with promises of more challenging sessions in the future.

Residents are becoming increasingly aware of the need to protect and maintain the safety, financial stability, and quality of life in Irving. To raise public awareness about the adverse effects of certain state legislation on communities across Texas, the Irving Legislative Insider campaign has been launched. For more information and to receive email updates, visit

The Irving Legislative Insider campaign will publish a series of articles over the next 12 months. These articles will highlight various legislative actions that have affected cities, including bills that have passed, those that did not, and those expected to resurface in the 2025 legislative session.

Senators who represent Irving:

 House members who represent Irving:

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