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Warning: Scammers Impersonating Investigators Targeting Dallas County Residents

The Dallas County Criminal District Attorney’s Office has issued a warning after receiving multiple reports of a concerning scam affecting unsuspecting members of the community. The scam involves individuals falsely claiming to be investigators from the District Attorney's office, informing the victims that there is an imminent arrest warrant that requires immediate payment to avoid incarceration.

Authorities are urging residents to be vigilant and cautious, emphasizing that this is indeed a fraudulent scheme. It is essential for the public to understand that legitimate law enforcement agencies will never request payments over the phone, through wire transfers, gift cards, or websites not officially affiliated with law enforcement.

If you receive a call from someone you suspect to be involved in fraudulent activity, the District Attorney’s Office advises against making any payments using these methods. Furthermore, they stress that if you receive a call regarding a criminal or civil accusation that you do not recognize, it is highly likely that it is not legitimate. Law enforcement officers will never threaten individuals or their family members with additional criminal charges over the phone.

In the event that you receive a call that raises suspicion, it is strongly recommended to contact the respective law enforcement agency to verify the call's authenticity. Under no circumstances should you confirm any personal identifying information to the caller, as this could be used for further scams.

Individuals who believe they may have fallen victim to a similar scam are urged to contact their local law enforcement agency immediately to report the incident.

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