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Adult English & Literacy Academy Receives Trailblazer Award


Irving, Texas. January 5, 2016

In October, Irving ISD’s Adult English and Literacy Academy and the program's director, Delia Watley, were recognized by the Workforce Solutions of Greater Dallas with the Trailblazer Award for the program's success in educating adults in the Irving community. Irving ISD’s Adult English and Literacy (AEL) Academy is a program that emphasizes basic skills such as reading, writing, math, English language competency and problem-solving. The program is supported by a Texas Workforce Commission grant provided by Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas.

The program’s success includes:

  • 650 adults participated in the program

  • 89% of the students are parents of children who attend Irving ISD; 10% percent are employees of the district; 1% are community members

  • 7  students passed the citizenship test

  • 10 students are taking the GED practice exam

  • 4 students have been hired or promoted for a job

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