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Plans for the Demolition of Texas Stadium Move Forward after City Council Approves Resolution

The resolution approving a Professional Services Agreement with Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc., for the Development of Plans and Specifications for the Demolition of Texas Stadium passed unanimously on Thursday.
Mayor Herbert Gears explained during the session that it will cost 11 million dollars to demolish Texas Stadium.  In explaining the need for a demolition plan, Mayor Gears said, "We don't know if we should blow it up or push it over, so there's a lot of things we need to think about before proceeding."
A few residents showed up at the city council meeting to voice their opposition to the demolition of the stadium.  Some mentioned the historic nature of the stadium and possibly using it as a stadium for high school sports.
One of the reasons the city cannot afford the stadium is that it takes 200,000 dollars a month to pay the light bill.  One resident suggested that the city turn off the lights while the stadium is not in use.  Many other residents sent in opposition letters without the desire to speak at the council meeting.
During the session, Councilwoman Beth Van Duyne requested a break down of the cost for the study needed. 
The total cost for the study is $713,000 broken down into the following pieces:
  • $430,500 is for the basic design services, which the city manager's office described as normal engineering costs for a project of this magnitude.
  • $69,500 is for before and after surveys of the site once the stadium is demolished.   After demolishing there will be a hole on the ground that will need to be filled.  400,000 cubic yards of dirt will be moved to fill this hole and plans are needed to know how to accomplish this task.
  • $85,000 will be for environmental surveys on the property.
  • $128,000 are for additional planning services such as the plan to use the dirt across 114 and Loop 12 to fill the level of the land where the Stadium sits and the current parking lot.
Councilwoman Van Duyne also explained the necessity to plan appropiately in order to protect the waterway underneath and near the stadium area.
The city wants the stadium gone and the site cleared by August 2010.

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