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Irving-Based McKesson Launches New Oncology Tech and Insights Business to Transform the Fight Against Cancer


Irving, Texas. December 18, 2020

Irving-headquartered McKesson, the provider of wholesale medical supplies, pharmaceutical distribution, and healthcare tech, has launched a new oncology-focused technology and insights business that’s designed to drive better outcomes for patients with cancer.

Called Ontada, the business arm will specifically support innovation, acceleration, and evidence generation to transform the fight against cancer. It will be part of the McKesson family—and represents the corporation’s dedication to using its capabilities and suite of technologies to help advance oncology care.

According to CEO Brian Tyler, McKesson remains committed to investing in the oncology community. In fact, the company has a long history in oncology.

Ontada is based on a core a core company belief: Precise insights, delivered at the point of need, can save more patients’ lives.

“As one of the largest healthcare companies, McKesson is at the center of care delivery, which provides a unique perspective on the complexities of cancer care and the growing needs among providers and life sciences companies,” Tyler said in a release. “With the launch of Ontada, we can now build upon our differentiated assets in oncology and deliver innovative solutions that help improve patient outcomes.”

McKesson’s technologies are already being deployed by The US Oncology Network and other community oncology providers, according to the company. That includes its iKnowMed electronic health record system and Clear Value Plus regimen support tool.

Tech, combined with real-world data and research used by global life sciences companies, will connect the full patient journey and power the future of cancer care.

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