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Austin Police Association issues statement on wrongfully indicted Officer Christopher Taylor

Today, the Austin Police Association announced they strongly stand behind Officer Christopher Taylor who was indicted yesterday by the new Travis County District Attorney, Jose Garza. Garza won election in November after running a campaign on the promise to prosecute officers and to get justice for the Ramos Family…promises that he made without ever seeing evidence in this case. We believe there is overwhelming evidence that shows Officer Taylor’s use of deadly force to protect himself and his fellow officers was within the law.

“This case should have never resulted in an indictment”, said Ken Casaday, President of the Austin Police Association. “It was a political promise kept rather than a decision based on sound legal judgement. We are profoundly disappointed with the District Attorney’s actions in this case which undermines the safety of our officers and the community. When all the video evidence and eyewitness testimony comes out in court, we are confident that a jury will agree that the force used in this case was legally justified as it was used to protect the lives of Officer Taylor and his fellow officers.”

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