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Irving Police say 2-Year-Old Timba Lopez Found With Her Father

In a fast developing story, Irving Police have located 2-year-old Tima Lopez who was reported as having been abducted earlier this afternoon.

Irving police spokesperson, Robert Reeves, said Lopez’s mother told them that she picked up a friend in Dallas along Northwest Highway and that she had only known that person a couple weeks. She added that she didn’t even know the man’s name. However, the focus of the investigation shifted after police determined it was the child’s father who drove off with her.

Police said an argument occurred in the car before Lopez’s father took off. He told police that he got out of the car because he was afraid due to the high-speed driving of Lopez’s mother.  Lopez's mother says that the man jumped out of the car after she stopped at the side of the freeway.  What's known is that at some point, the male exited the car and the female ran after him, leaving Tima by herself in the car.

A witness told police that after both parents exited the car on the highway, the little girl tried to open the door. That’s when the witness ran over to the car and prevented the child from exiting. It was at that point, according to police that Lopez’s father returned to the car.

He told police he drove off with the child to protect his daughter.

At this point, no charges have been filed against either of the parents.  

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