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Irving Police Asks For Help In Identifying Evading Suspect; Post Causes Intense Reactions From Public

The Irving Police Department posted a BOLO (Be On the Look Out) alert on their facebook page for a woman that fled after getting stopped by an Officer.  

The incident occurred on Saturday, August 14, 2021.  An Irving Police Officer stopped a grey Toyota Corolla at the 100 block of W. SH 183 between O'Connor and Carl Road.  The woman driver had no identification and fled the scene. 

The post caused intense reactions from the public:

  • "She fled in a Corolla? What was the officer on? His boots or a mountain bike?"
  • "Y’all lost her in a Toyota Carrolla?"
  • "Sounds like terrible policing."
  • " much of a danger to society is she? The only information about her is she didn't have an Identification on her during a traffic stop, she freaked out and took off. Sounds like she was afraid of being arrested, loosing her car and her job."
  • "It’s interesting how so many are judging police work when you most likely are not and never will be a police officer. Also, if the officer was more assertive and asked her to exit the car or asked her to do anything at all the prevent her from driving away then the officer would be judged for that too. The girl took off. Period. She was pulled over and if she was a responsible or respectable citizen she would have stayed put."

We live in times where policing is judged constantly.  We do have the fact that the woman did break the law.  We don't know all the details, but having no identification raises red flags for police.   Was she hiding something in the car?  Is she in danger?   

We don't know what the police officer did when the woman fled.   Did he attempt to pursue the vehicle?   We know he had exited his vehicle.  Judging from the location, by the time the police officer entered his patrol car and started pursuit, the woman could have exited Carl Road, taken North or South Loop 12 or kept driving on SH 183 towards Dallas.   It is easy to mock or judge from the comfort of our chairs without having a clue as to what it takes to be police officer in 2021 and putting your life on the line for a community that rarely is thankful. 

The police department is not going to be publicizing every detail of the case in a facebook post as this is an active investigation.   

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