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Irving Gets 2021 Road To The Future Progress Report On Road Maintenance Projects

Members of City Council's Transportation and Natural Resources Committee heard an update on Sept. 2 from the Traffic and Transportation Department, Street Division, regarding the annual Summer Asphalt Overlay Program, as part of the Road to the Future program that started in 2017. Currently, Irving has approximately 798 centerline miles of roadway in the city. This is similar to a two-lane road from Irving to Nashville, Tennessee.  The results shown below illustrate the positive impact this program is accomplishing to address the roadway maintenance needs of the city.


  • 96 roads (56.8 centerline miles) have been improved, extending the pavement life at least 10 years.
  • 164 roads (33.4 centerline miles) received pavement restoration.
  • More than 800 pavement panels have been replaced.
  • 360 new crosswalks have been installed.
  • 87 traffic signals upgraded.

The photo above shows progress through Year 4 by overlaying each year's progress by color on a map of the city.


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