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Irving Police Department Receives Law Enforcement Agency Of The Year Award

The Irving Police Department received the 2021 Law Enforcement Agency of the Year award from the non-profie organization Blessed Are The Peacemakers.

The Law Enforcement Agency of The Year is awarded to the agency whose top officer demonstrates a commitment to their team and community by being transparent and accessible. While the agency is not perfect, it prepares for perfection and progress through training and policies. 

About Blessed Are The Peacemakers

Blessed Are The Peacemakers is a collaboration between 501c3 non-profits, peace officers, faith based organizations and  concerned citizens focusing on Uniting America, by building trust between citizens and law enforcement. The collaboration is a faith movement  designed to Restore Families Across America and unite America by focusing on the Value of A Life.  The movement  will  focus on the value of each American and their commonalities regardless of their job title, political view or social and economic status.

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