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Krum, Texas News

North Texas Mom Arrested for Poisoning 4-year-old With Benadryl to Fake Seizures

The Fort Worth Star Telegram is reporting on a mom from Krum, TX that is accused of poisoning her 4-year-old with Benadryl overdoses to fake a seizure disorder.  

According to a warrant from the Tarrant County Sheriff's Office, Jesika Jones, 30, took her child to Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth multiple times claiming the had seizures.  

The warrant states that when a Tarrant County sheriff’s detective interviewed Jones, she said she was “a habitual liar” and had given the child Benadryl “more times than I should have.”

Jones faces felony charges of injury to a child and endangering a child.

During the ER visits, hospital staff took the child's urine samples and found Benadryl in h er system.  Unfortuantely, those test results arrvied after Jones and her daughter had left the hospital.  

On her visit to the ER on June 19th, the hospital took another sample and expedited the turnaround on the tests and admitted the child into the hospital.  

While the child was in the hospital from June 19 to June 22, Jones took her daughter into the bathroom multiple times. Each time, according to the arrest warrant, Jones carried her purse in with her. An hour after the bathroom visits, the child had full body tremors, dilated pupils, elevated heart rate and could not stand on her own. Those symptoms, according to doctors’ statements in the affidavit, are indicative of Benadryl poisoning.

On June 23, Dr. Jamye Coffman, a child abuse pediatrician at Cook Children’s Medical Center, called Detective Michael Weber at the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office.

Doctors at the hospital said they were concerned that when Jones took her daughter to the bathroom, she was dosing her daughter with Benadryl to make it look like her daughter had a seizure disorder.

“I think I’m a horrible person. I don’t love myself. I don’t like who I am. I’m tired of living life like this. I’m tired of hurting people emotionally, (redacted) medically,” the arrest warrant states that Jones told Detective Weber. “I don’t know. I really don’t. I just know I need help. I really do. I want help.”

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