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Frisco, Texas News

Man Dies After Drinking Unknown Fluid in Court Following Child Sex Assault Conviction

In a bizarre case, a Frisco, Texas man died after drinking an unknown fluid in a Denton County court on August 11th. 

57-year-old Edward Leclair had just been found guilty of Child Sex Assault by a jury.  While in court, the man had a large water bottle that contained "cloudy" water.  According to a Denton Record-Chronicle story, he had not drank from the bottle water during the trial.  Once the Jury returned with a guilty verdict, he "chugged" the cloudy liquid.    

As is customary, Leclair was placed in a holding cell next to the court room while the jury exited.  

Authorities found Leclair unconscious in the holding cell and transported him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Leclair had been found guilty on five counts of sexual assault of a child.   The five counts involved one victim.  

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