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Irving Police Searching for Irving Mall Shooter After Disturbing Details Captured on Video

Surveillance video shows the gunfire and moments leading up to a shooting inside the Irving Mall over the weekend. What is disturbing is the man seen firing the gun was carrying a child’s car seat with Baby in it and set it down to open fire.  

The video shows the shooter wearing a black shirt. He appears to be carrying a shopping bag in one hand and a child’s car seat in his other hand.

A man in a light-colored shirt walks through a door and appears to take a swing at the shooter. That’s when the shooter pulls out a gun and fires at the other man at close range.

Irving police said no one was hurt, including the man the shooter was targeting. They evacuated the mall and recovered shell casings as evidence.

"We have been in contact with that victim. That victim is not being very cooperative. But we do know that the victim and the suspect knew each other," said Officer Robert Reeves, a spokesman for the Irving Police Department.

Irving Police is now searching for the shooter and will face possible charges.

View video and full story on Fox 4 News


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